What is it ?
You’ve probably heard of DESIGN FLAT without really knowing what that meant, and yet you see it everywhere and everyday.
To understand, there was a time where designers applied excessive glossy effects, shadows, relief’s, superfluous ornaments and other Photoshop effects.
Today, this trend of the strong visually embellished design is luckily outdated and now it’s all about minimalism!
Flat colours, strong contrasts, minimalist icons, sober and pure design are here.

“Less is more”
This trend of flat design is the popularized you find today on Windows 8 & 10, Apple and Google, the world was round and now it’s flat again.

The simplicity is paramount!
Finally, we must add that this current trend feeds the design of today’s GUI’s (graphic user interface) experience by combining navigation, with smooth and efficient ergonomics.